International Islamic Childcare | Love & Laugh


International Islamic Childcare | Love & Laugh
International Islamic Childcare | Love & Laugh


We encourage parents to schedule an appointment to visit our childcare center along with your child.

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Safety & Security

Child-proof environment – All toys & equipment are safe for children and we provided 24 hours closed-circuit television monitoring in our premise at all primary area.

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Love & Laugh programs suit best for your children development from early age 2 month to 4 years old.

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About Us

Love & Laugh International Islamic Childcare was established on 2018, operated by Khalifah Didik Sdn Bhd, a company that runs 15 branches of Little Caliphs kindergartens around Malaysia.

Love & Laugh desires a daycare that follows closely every little milestone of our young children and ensuring they are blooming in the best way possible. Our mission is to introduce Allah and Islam to young children and to provide safe, healthy and enriched environment for young children.

Therefore, Love & Laugh is not an ordinary daycare, nursery or childcare service centre, it is a first platform to dig out your babies’ greatest potential.

Come Visit Us

Come and visit our childcare centre before registering. You’ll have the chance to see our accommodation and facilities provided for your children. InsyaAllah you will be satisfied with the safety we provide and don’t forget to bring along your children with you.

Our Childcare. Our Family. Our Community

Love & Laugh International Islamic Childcare development mission:

1. To introduce Allah & Islam to young children.
2. To provide safe, healthy and enriched environment for young children.

Did you know that our caregiver been called “Ukhti” in Love & Laugh? All our Ukhti are well-trained caregiver and got a Kursus Asas Permata (KAP) certificate.

International Islamic Childcare | Love & Laugh

6 Key Development

Social Emotional & Spiritual Personality

Physical & Psychomotor


Early Literacy & Communication


Sense & Understanding the Environment

Creativity & Aesthetics

Early Mathematics & Logical Thinking


What Parent are Saying

I am happy with the services that have been provided,emphasizing in the child growth as well as development. This had significantly helped my child in gaining self confidence in a very positive way. 

I’ve noticed my kid is being excited to go to school every morning which means that Love & Laugh team are giving all the love she needs. I can see that she is happy and healthy which is the most important to me. 

The variation of play activities are great especially that it notice how the progress my child is making regarding speaking as well understanding me when talking in English which is super great. Thank you very much.

My child has tremendously grow up ever since. She developed many skills, especially speech skills and social skills. 


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