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Are you looking for the best daycare for your young children. Yes, you are at the right place. Lets explore and learn more about Love & Laugh International Islamic Childcare here.

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Nabi Muhammad (PBUH) said, “Honor your children and bring them up well. Verily, your children are a gift for you.” – [Hadith, Ibnu Majah]

A child is a gift, an amanah and a trial to his parents, family and society. Along with it comes a great responsibility – The responsibility to nurture them towards becoming the best that they could be, both in dunia and akhirat.The best thing that we could give to our children is education – one that leads him to be a significant contributor to his society, a righteous slave and Khalifah of Allah, and an ummah of Nabi Muhammad (S.A.W). Not only there is gold mine in every child, but their early childhood years are instrumental in building their healthy self- esteem and positive self-concept.

Company Profile

About Love & Laugh Daycare | Love & Laugh

Safe, healthy and enrich learning environment

Child-Proof Environment

We ensure that our premises and toys equipment are safe for children. 

Safety & Security

We provide 24 hours closed-circuit television monitoring in our premise at all primary area.

Enriched Learning

We provide enriched learning environment with joyful activities according to development stages of every child.

Our Daycare Story

Love & Laugh desires a daycare that follows closely every little milestone of our young children and ensuring they are blooming in the best way possible. Our mission is to develop children’s full potential and inspire them to be Soleh and Musleh and to provide a safe, healthy and enriched environment for young children.

Therefore, Love & Laugh is not an ordinary daycare, nursery or childcare service centre, it is a first platform to dig out your babies’ greatest potential.

Love & Laugh Development Mission

To develop children’s full potential & inspire them to be Soleh & Musleh

About Love & Laugh Daycare | Love & Laugh

Our Founder

Love & Laugh founder, Puan Sumarti Bt Samsuddin also called as Teacher Umi, after deeply dealing with the children for eight years with Khalifah Didik as Co Founder, decided to pursue her passion & great love toward children by opening her own Childcare Center which have been inspired and motivated by the beautiful yet meaningful hadith that narrated by Bukhari “Every child is born on Fitrah (Islam) but his parents make him a Jew or a Muslim”, she embarked on 3 month course of study on Kursus Asuhan Permata on weekend to gain more knowledge while she managing her 16 branches of kindergarten on weekdays.

With deep of love and respect to parents towards their unique with beautiful minds in children’s journey and development gave her (Sumarti) confidence and motivation with touch of love and happiness to open her first Love & Laugh International Islamic Childcare in Malaysia, that introducing the complete childcare which cater at early age of children development.

Nevertheless, together the Love & Laugh with great support from parents in helping our children to develop their development through playing which governs with Great Islam Values. Thus, this will instill the love to Allah and Islam. Together we make our young children a great Muslim insyaAllah.

What We Offer

Development Curriculum

Did you know that Science is sign of Allah?

Yes, Love & Laugh Childcare emphasize Islamic practical life in our development modules.

Smart gym & active learning session for children physical development also included in daycare development modules.




2 months – 15 months


15 months – 24 month


2 years – 3 years


3 years – 4 years 

Safety & Security

Love & Laugh provide 24 hours closed-circuit television monitoring in our premise at all primary area and we ensure that our premises and toys equipment are safe for children.


What Parent are Saying

I am happy with the services that have been provided,emphasizing in the child growth as well as development. This had significantly helped my child in gaining self confidence in a very positive way. 

I’ve noticed my kid is being excited to go to school every morning which means that Love & Laugh team are giving all the love she needs. I can see that she is happy and healthy which is the most important to me. 

The variation of play activities are great especially that it notice how the progress my child is making regarding speaking as well understanding me when talking in English which is super great. Thank you very much.

My child has tremendously grow up ever since. She developed many skills, especially speech skills and social skills. 

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