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My daughter just started going to Love & Laugh for about a week, but my husband and I already see progress. The caretakers manage the children so well, and my daughter always comes home happy and well-fed. The app updates are fantastic, and the fees are very affordable. We’ve tried other places, but nothing matches Love & Laugh. Keep up the good work!

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Love & Laugh Lorong Maarof, Bangsar

Started sending my firstborn in 2021 ( when he was only 9 months old) & ‘graduated’ in L&L this year (turning 4 yo) The daycare is clean, spacious & the ukhtis know how to handle little kids very well. Also started sending my younger one last year when she was only 3 months old & so far my baby seems happy & very attached to the ukhti. Thank you L&L sek 7 ukhtis for your patience & guidance.

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Love & Laugh Seksyen 7, Shah Alam

The centre provides secured and safe environment for the kids. The methodologies and approaches adopted are sturctured so well. I’ve noticed my son had developed many skills especially sensory skills and social skills. I can see that he is enjoying all activities here (via school2u apps) and love to eat the foods provided (that must be tasty and healthy). The caregiver (called Ukthi) always put smile and happy face also reliable too.

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Love & Laugh Ampang Utama

I do understand how hard it is for parents to find the best place for their kids. To begin with, our 4 year old is a very shy kid with stranger anxiety when she started going to LLDA at 3 years old.

Though she took her time to get used to the new place, (on top of the PKP session), I am convinced that now she feels belonged to LLDA, having one or two girl best friends, with kind ukhtis (teachers) as well!

The premium payment is actually translated to a bright, clean and cosy environment of the place. I have also noticed that the toys, materials and equipments in the centre are mostly branded so for that part, I am really thankful.

Since its a daycare in essence, we don’t expect our kid to have a formal structured lessons, but I truly Iove that LLDA has monthly thematic activities (like merdeka month, maulidur rasul month) so our kid has good exposure to her environment.

They also have assessment from OT from time to time so that you’ll know if your kid is lagging behind developmentally speaking. Daily reporting is done through schooly apps and they never failed to update us everyday (which give us some peace of mind TBH now there are so many incidents in childcares)

My verdict is that, I think we get what we paid for (at least for a 4 year-old, cause the fee structure is different according to the age). Peace of mind, with kind ukhtis and superb environment!

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Love & Laugh Denai Alam

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