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Frequently Asked Question

1. How old the ages of children that can be enrolled in Love & Laugh Islamic Childcare?

We accept the children start from 2 – 12 months (Infant), 13 – 24 months (Playhouse), 2 – 3 years (Playkids), and 3 – 4 years (Playschool)

2. Will Love & Laugh Childcare provide any trial class?

Yes, trial class are available here in Love & Laugh Childcare.

3. What is the children/caregiver ratio?

Infants – 1 : 3 (one caregiver : 3 children)

Playkids – 1 : 5 (one caregiver : 5 children)

Playhouse – 1 : 5 (one caregiver : 5 children)

Playschool – 1 : 10 (one caregiver : 10 children)

4. What will my child learn and do at school?

They study through syllabus provided, they play, socialize and doing some activities as scheduled.

5. How will you ensure the safety of my child in Love & Laugh Childcare?

Love & Laugh provide 24 hours closed-circuit television monitoring in our premise at all primary area.  We also ensure that our premises and toys equipment are safe for children – child-proof environment.

6. Are your Caregivers professionally trained and well qualified?

Yes, our caregivers have gone through the training with our certified trainers and Occupational Therapist within a year. Other than that, they also compulsory to attend the “Early Childhood Education” course once they are hired as caregivers.

7. Will Love & Laugh Childcare provided insurance for unwanted accidents happen at school?

Yes, Takaful insurance will be provided for every student.

8. What if I need to terminate my child’s school contract before the end of the year?

Things happen. We understand and we will refund to you according to our terms & policies.

9. Do you accept special needs children?

Since we do not have any expertise to handle special need children, we can not accept special needs children here.

10. How many times my child will be served for a meal?
  • Breakfast (9.00 am)
  • Snack Time (10.15 am)
  • Lunch (12.30 pm)
  • Tea Time (4.00 pm)

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