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Let us help you

for 11 hours each day to develop your child’s progress for

Dunya and Akhirah while you are at work.

Here are the things you can consider:

6 key developments focused with additional subjects to cater to the needs of your child

Social Emotional & Spiritual Personality

Physical & Psychomotor


Early Literacy & Communication


Sense & Understanding the Environment

Creativity & Aesthetics

Early Mathematics & Logical Thinking

Memory Lane of Fun


Dive into our treasure trove of past activities

Highlights from our Fun Day

What are Parents’ saying about us

How we measure & improve children development?

Children Development Screening

A Basic Health & Development Screen program will be conducted by a professional Occupational Therapist for the children of Love & Laugh International Islamic Childcare. The objective of this session is to measure and improve their development milestone according to their age group.

Our Core Values


Safety is our priority. Our center is a child-proof environment. All equipment provided is safe for children and we provided 24 hours closed-circuit television monitoring in our premises at all primary areas.


We sanitize our childcare 3x a day to maintain cleanliness and ensure every child is prevented from harmful & contagious diseases.

In Love & Laugh, every child is served a halal & nutritious meal according to their age group.


Enrich Environment With Islamic Values

We provide an enriched learning environment with joyful activities according to the development stages of every child. Allah loves you, Ukhti loves you, You’re beautiful are the examples of positive words that your child will hear in Love & Laugh.

Meet Our Superheroes

Board Of Advisor: Subject Matters Expert

Why Love & Laugh?

We are proud to be recognized as an award-winning childcare provider

Best Baby & Childcare Centre

Best Infant Care Program

Our Safety Measure

24/7 CCTV Surveillance

Constant monitoring with parent access upon request.

KAP Certification

Our staff are trained under the Kursus Asuhan Permata program, enhancing childcare quality.

Takaful Insurance

We offer Takaful insurance to all children at our childcare centre.

Training & SOPs

Regular training and strict Standard Operating Procedures for all child activities and facility areas.

Expert Safety Advisors

Guidance from experienced advisors in Safety & Health Environment.

Safe Teaching Aids & Toys

All materials and toys are child-safe and conducive to learning.

Ongoing Staff Training

Includes First Aid, CPR, and AED Training, ensuring preparedness for any situation.

Adherence to JKM Ratios

Ensuring optimal child-to-staff ratios as per Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat guidelines.

Discover the Joy in Every Day with Reporting App!

  • Peek into daily delights with photos of food and fun activities.

  • Chat away with our beloved Childcare Directors – a heartwarming, private conversation just a tap away!

  • Keep track of all the little wonders with our daily log.

  • Instant Joy Alerts: Receive notifications that keep you connected to your child’s happy moments, instantly!

  • And many moreee!

Love & Laugh’s Curriculum Management

& Quality Assurance

Exciting Developments in Our Programs

Integration of Playkid with Playhouse program to propel advanced learning

Commencement Of Self-dependence skills to our children

Collaboration with the Love & Laugh Research Institute to enhance and continuously help to evolve the development of all children

Introduction of hearing screening sessions for all children by experts

More Exciting Journey & Adventures Awaits


What Parent are Saying

I am happy with the services that have been provided,emphasizing in the child growth as well as development. This had significantly helped my child in gaining self confidence in a very positive way. 

I’ve noticed my kid is being excited to go to school every morning which means that Love & Laugh team are giving all the love she needs. I can see that she is happy and healthy which is the most important to me. 

The variation of play activities are great especially that it notice how the progress my child is making regarding speaking as well understanding me when talking in English which is super great. Thank you very much.

My child has tremendously grow up ever since. She developed many skills, especially speech skills and social skills. 

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